Trajectory types

QIT online provides various, ready-to-use, standard trajectories for specific clinical settings, target groups and client problems.

These standard trajectories have the same generic structure: they consist of specific sequences of process, effect and work alliance questionnaires to be able to grasp the complexity of therapy. They aren't only measuring if the therapy works, but also what works (and what doesn't) and how it works exactly. 

The trajectories are the result of research, clinical experience and continuous exchange with clients and caretakers. Clinical relevance, user-friendliness and scientificity are carefully balanced.

Because therapy is tailor-made, you can manually make adjustments to the trajectory structure: programmed questionnaires can be omitted, new questionnaires can be added and the frequency can be changed. At an organisational level, your own trajectories can also be developed, in collaboration with our team of developers.


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