General Terms and Conditions for the Organisation

(last update 18 November 2019)


These general terms and conditions are applicable to the Organisation using the digital platform QIT Online.


These general terms and conditions are applicable to the Organisation using the QIT Online platform and makes this platform available to the Caretaker(s) affiliated with her. Besides these general terms and conditions that are applicable to the Organisation, there are also separate general terms and conditions that are specifically applicable to the Caretaker(s) that use the QIT Online platform independently for his/her (their) clients.


The Organisation is the entity that enters into a contract with QIT bvba and that pays the fee envisaged to be able to make the platform available to the Caretaker(s) active within the organisation (e.g. hospitals, group practices, etc.). In some cases, the Organisation and the Caretaker may be the same person.


1. Subject of the service: the QIT online application


QIT Online is a digital platform developed by QIT bvba, located at Koning Albertlaan 104, 3010 Kessel-Lo (Belgium).


The digital platform allows Caretakers to manage their client files, organise incoming and outgoing communication with Clients and Client Systems and systematically follow-up the progress of the therapy trajectory. Certain questionnaires can be sent to the Clients and Client Systems on a regular basis during the therapy trajectory, depending on what trajectory is selected.


The choice of questionnaire and the frequency of the questionnaires have been determined by thorough clinical and scientific research. Extra questionnaires may be selected from the online library. Modifications of the trajectory are possible in case the specific therapeutic context call for them.


2. Security & responsibility


The application is made available through a secured network environment. It is only accessible through an encrypted https-connection and personalised login.


QIT Online is hosted by Digital Ocean, a ISO 27001 certified hosting provider that complies with the ISMS requirements (Information Security Management System) and offers extensive guaranties with regards to quality, safety and privacy protection.


QIT bvba is responsible for the technical implementation of QIT Online, the management of the digital platform, restoring any mistakes in the platform and the hosting, management and security of the data. QIT bvba partners up with Panenco bvba, an innovative software company in Leuven, for these responsibilities.


3. Fees and compensation


Organisations fall under the default pricing model which is displayed on the QIT website: This pricing model consists of a fixed monthly fee per therapist and a yearly cost per patient file.

Larger organisations can opt for a tailored pricing model ('Enterprise package'). This will lead to a separate offer which will indicate the price arrangements. If arrangements from the tailored offer that contradict the standard pricing model, the tailored offer will govern.

Costs included in the contract are:


  • the monthly licensing fees for the use of the QIT Online application,

  • the yearly costs for an active client file,

  • the one time cost per use of one of the licensed questionnaires,

  • the use of the online helpdesk (FAQ and chatbot)

  • data management and data security.


All prices may be subjected to later alterations.


The fee is paid by the Organisation.

It is possible to request additional services with the team behind QIT online. These services are described on the website: under the section "additional services", including the default hourly rate per service-type.

4. Duration


The use of the QIT Online application will be charged on a monthly basis and will be tacitly renewed. The contract may be terminated at any time by sending an e-mail to When doing so, the accounts of the Organisation and the Caretakers will remain active until the end of the month in which the contract is terminated.


5. Termination of the contract


The contract can be terminated by sending an e-mail to


Besides that, the contract will automatically and without any prior written notice end in case of malpractice, severe shortcomings and/or failure to comply with the (financial) agreements by one of the parties, by sending a registered letter to the defaulting party.


6. Intellectual property


The QIT Online digital platform is the exclusive and full property of QIT bvba. Not a single product included under the letter and the spirit of the QIT Online application can be distributed, copied, adjusted, etc. without the explicit, written and prior permission of QIT bvba.


This includes, among other things, the theoretical framework, the questionnaires, the feedback reports, the software application, etc.


7. Parties to the use of the QIT Online platform


When using the QIT Online application, multiple people will be involved. Besides QIT bvba, other involved parties include the Organisation, the Caretaker, the Client and the persons in the Client System.


  • The Organisation is the organisation the has obtained a license for using the application and that makes the application available.

  • The Caretaker is the final user of the application who inserts and processes the data of clients.

  • The Client is the natural person whose data is processed by the Caretaker.

  • Persons in the Client System are all the natural persons who are part of the treatment and who will provide input for the treatment on a periodical basis. Data concerning them will also be processed.


It is possible for the Organisation and the Caretaker to be the same person, e.g. in a solo psychotherapy practice. In that case, both the general terms and conditions for the Organisation and the general terms and conditions for the Caretaker will apply.


In terms of protection of the data during the data processing (as prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation), the responsibility for the processing of the data through the QIT Online application jointly falls to the Organisation and the Caretaker. Their responsibility stems from the choice they make in using the application for the clients of the Caretaker.


This joint responsibility is limited to the administrative data allowing the client to be identified and to identify the general trajectory the client pursues. This data allows the person concerned to be invited and administratively followed, and to draw up aggregated and anonymised summary reports concerning the use if the questionnaires within the Organisation.


The data concerning the actual trajectory, will only be processed by the Caretaker. It is up to the Caretaker to decide which parts of the application he/she will use for monitoring the therapy.


Both the Organisation and the Caretaker(s) will ensure the application of the General Data Protection Regulation with regards to their Clients.


8. The role of QIT bvba


8.1. QIT bvba as responsible party for the Organisation’s information


QIT bvba will process the data concerning the contacts of the Organisation for its customer management, based on the contractual relationship that follows the accepting of these general terms and conditions. This data will only be used to make the use of the QIT Online application possible, according to the instructions of the Caretaker and in order to be able to bill the use of the application.


All natural persons whose data is used for these reasons, will be entitled to inspect this data and, if applicable, correction and/or deletion of this data. All these persons can contact if they wish to exercise these rights. Proof of identity must be provided. The same email address may be used for any additional questions. Any person who disagrees with the way their data is being used by QIT bvba, can contact the Data Protection Authority (Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel – phone: (02) 274 48 00 – mail:


8.2. QIT bvba as processor in support of the Organisation and the Caretaker(s)


QIT bvba will act as processor of the Organisation and the Caretaker(s) that use the application, taking into account the responsibilities of the Organisations and the Caretaker(s). The obligations that come along with being the processor are described in the Processing Charter of QIT bvba, which can be consulted on QIT bvba’s website.


If necessary, a Processing Agreement can be concluded between QIT bvba and the organisation. This Processing Agreement will have the same content as the Processing Charter as consultable on QIT bvba’s website.


9. Permission of the Client and the persons in the Client System as a necessary condition for use of the application


To the extent that the application allows to process data concerning health, its use depends on the permission the Client and the persons in the Client System have given the Caretaker. Absence of this permission will block this use of the application.


This permission is not necessary for the Organisation, who only has access to administrative data, and, if applicable, anonymised general reports.


10. Sharing or transferring data concerning Clients and persons in the Client System between Caretakers


Sharing or transferring data concerning the Clients and persons in the Client System with/to other Caretakers is possible under the following conditions:


  • The other Caretaker(s) has(have) an account with the QIT Online application.

  • The sharing or transferring of data is necessary for the client’s trajectory.

  • Sharing of data only allows the receiving party to read the data. Any alterations or adaptations of the data is not possible.

  • Transferring of the data entails transferring the full management of the client fil to another Caretaker.

  • The Client and the persons in the Client System shall be informed on the sharing of their data, and will have the possibility to object to the sharing of their data.

  • The Client and the persons in the Client System must agree to the transfer of their data. In order to do so, they must agree to the processing of their data by the new Caretaker.


11. Alterations of the general terms and conditions


QIT bvba reserves the right to alter these general terms and conditions for the use of the QIT Online application. QIT bvba shall inform the Organisation via e-mail on any alterations of these general terms and conditions.