Sessions between the therapist and the client are the heart of the therapy process. A session can be added to the therapy trajectory of a client after which the necessary documentation can be added. There are two types of sessions: 

Physical Session

Physical appointment between client and therapist

Videocall session

Online videocall via a secure connection

Add notes

On every session, there is the ability to add notes to describe the session. In this way, the treatment trajectory can be fully documented. All notes are automatically bundled in a summary report which can be downloaded or printed.

For deontological reasons, it's of utmost importance that therapists can store private notes that won't be accessible by the client, and that will never be accessible by colleagues. In QIT online you have the ability to 'lock' the notes that can only be used for personal use. Locking notes is possible for every interaction type within a trajectory.

Locked notes are never accessible when you share a client with another therapist.

Unlocked notes are accessible in the case of shared files. 

Upload documents

Besides adding notes to the session, there is an option to upload documents. For example scans of handwritten notes, letters, photos and more.