Client records

QIT online takes care of the digital version of your filing cabinet: as soon as you log in, you get a clear overview of your entire client base with the relevant contact and care details immediately available. Per client, you create one record in which all personal information can be found. This way you can immediately view the medical background, family members, personal information and of course, the trajectory.

The filing cabinet can also be set up at the organizational level: the coordinator has a clear view on which clients are in treatment with which therapist, of course without having access to the client record. 

Because QIT is an online web application, you can access your files via any device with an internet connection. 

Client System

A client doesn’t experience therapy on his own, it is for this reason that we have developed the client system which makes it possible to link affiliate persons to a client’s trajectory. They can then follow up (certain parts of) the process and also receive questionnaires.


It is possible to send messages directly to your clients via QIT-Online. Tuning in or scheduling sessions has never been easier. All in a safe, GDPR-proof environment


Client files can be shared between different therapists within one organisation. It is always possible to lock certain notes so that they can never be visible to another therapist, not even when the file is transferred.