QIT online takes care of the digital version of your filing cabinet: as soon as you log in, you get a clear overview of your entire client base with the relevant contact and care details immediately available. Per client, you create one record in which all personal information can be bundled: detailed information about the client, family members, individuals actively involved in the care process.

Certain parts of the file are also visible to the client and can be filled in at the first login or supplemented later. The composition of the client file is done in co-creation.


Client records

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Sessions added to an individual client's trajectory will automatically appear in your calendar as a therapist. The scheduled sessions are also visible to clients, mentioning date, time and location or video link. This way they can check at any time when and where exactly they are expected.

Client records

As soon as you log in, you will receive a clear overview of your active client records, with relevant contact and care details immediately available. Notifications signal when recent activities have taken place in the shared client record.


For group practices and larger care centers, the filing cabinet can also be set up at the organizational level: the coordinator has a clear view on which clients are in treatment with which therapist, of course without having access to the client record. 

The context in which psychotherapy takes place is versatile: clients can follow a trajectory individually, together with their partner or family, or in a group. For this reason, files can be linked to one or more individuals.

Sharing documents

QIT online offers a secure and GDPR proof channel to take care of the inbound and outbound communication with your clients and other parties involved: reports, certificates, proof of payment,... can be shared directly online and are automatically maintained in the document folder.


A library is available of standard documents and frequently used forms for attestation, reporting, health insurance reimbursement, ... These documents can be personalized with their own logo, header and footer. There is also the possibility to add your own templates.


It is possible to send messages directly to your clients via QIT-Online. A quick tune-up, rescheduling an appointment or checking up on things in between: it has never been easier.

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eHealthBox integration

We believe it is essential that QIT connects online with the software tools you already work with. These integrations are still under construction, but the necessary API foundations have been laid for an open, secure exchange to create systems that enhance each other. With QIT we are working on integrating with other software tools, for example, a link to the eHealthBox will soon be possible.

Add affiliates

With QIT you can add other involved parties (such as a parent, coach or care teacher) to a file. They can then follow (certain parts of) the process and also receive questionnaires or documents.

Sharing & transferring clients

Client files can be shared between care providers who have a QIT account. In case of a transfer, the management of a file is transferred to another care provider. Smooth cooperation promotes the quality and continuity of care. This is always done transparently, with the knowledge of the client. 

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