Wie is wie bij QIT online?

The composition of the QIT team reflects our mission. We combine clinical experience, scientific insights and technical knowledge. QIT online ties in with what clients find relevant, what therapists need, what high-quality care requires and what software developers consider essential.

Claude Missiaen psycholoog

Claude Missiaen

Co-founder / Training & development

Master in clinical psychology 
Client-centered, existential and focusing oriented psychotherapist

Nele Stinckens psycholoog

Nele Stinckens

Founder and Managing director

Doctor in Psychology (PhD)
Client-centered and emotion
focused psychotherapist

Lynn Van den Eynde psycholoog

Lynn Van den Eynde

Content researcher

Master in clinical psychology
Client-centered psychotherapist

Egwin Avau

Egwin Avau

Co-founder / Technical lead

Master in Business Information Systems engineering, focused on software delivery operations

Jordi QIT


Product manager


Sebastiaan QIT


Back-end development lead

Bert QIT


Back-end developer


Thomas QIT


Growth manager


Vlad QIT


Front-end development lead

Oleksandr QIT


Product design lead


Hanna QIT


Product designer


Maria QIT


Marketing designer


Roman QIT


Software engineer

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Our mission

Since 2012, we have been building a software platform that unburdens psychotherapists to focus on care for clients. Those familiar with psychotherapy know that the path to recovery and growth is unique and layered. QIT does not want to reduce this complexity, but does want to contain it.

With digital applications we help to make the therapy process clear and transparent and we actively involve the client in the care process. In this way we combine the power of craftsmanship with innovative technology.

Missie QIT online
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